ASSK was launched in Paris in 2012, by Australian born duo Agatha Kowalewski and Sarah Schofield. 

Taking one designer's experience in luxury design and mixing it with the other's sports obsession to form the brand ASSK.

The brand is the result of the international life of it’s founders, an interconnected world with no boundaries. Being heavily inspired by subcultures, teams and modern day tribes, the brand is all-inclusive, and not bound by country or gender. 

This idea is also reflected in a long running collaboration with artist liver Van der Lugt, being Danish born and Australian based, the entire collaboration is held online and is heavily inspired by  technology and internet culture.

In only their second season, ASSK is already stocked in some of the worlds leading retailers, including VFiles in New York, I.T in Hong Kong and Candy in Tokyo. 

The collection is produced with high quality European manufacturing in Paris, combined with sports and technological effects produced in Asia.

☯liver's creative genius can be found at: